A man with tattoos standing in front of a brick wall.

Meet Benny Beyer: Traditional Tattoo Artist

Benny is a Traditional tattoo artist born in Austin, Texas. He grew up skateboarding, so he was constantly surrounded by tattoos. He started getting tattooed at a young age and quickly fell in love with the culture that surrounded tattooing. After a few years of college, Benny decided tattooing was what he really wanted to do. After his apprenticeship in Texas and 6 years of solid tattooing down south, Benny made the move to Philly in August 2023. Benny is an old school tattooer, Specializing in traditional classics, Benny's artistry is a testament to timeless techniques.  His favorite subjects, ranging from skulls and lady heads to Western imagery, dragons, and delicate flowers, showcase the breadth of his creativity and hw is ready to make your tattoo dreams a reality.